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Genesis chapters 6,7,8,9,10,11,and 12 PDF Print E-mail

GENESIS Chapters six and seven Questions

1.  What did the sons of God do? V-2  

2.  Who do you think were/are the sons of God? V-2  

3.  How long did God give man to repent? V-3

4. While building the ark, what else was Noah doing? 2 Peter 2:5

5.  What did God see in verse 5?

6.   How did God feel and what did He say in verses 6, 7? 

7. What were Noah’s godly qualities? Verses 8, 9

8. Who gave Noah the design for the ark? Vs 14-16 

9. What were God’s instructions to Noah concerning what/who was to go in the ark? Vs-18-21


10. How many clean animals was Noah to take in ark? Why?  7:2; see also 8:20


11. How long was Noah in the ark before it started to rain? V-4


12. How old was Noah when the flood came and who entered the ark with him? V-6, 7,13.


13.  Can we date, when the flood began? V-11  


14.  What happen when Noah entered the ark? V-16


15.  Did the water cover the tallest mountains on earth?  V-18,19,20


16.  What or who perished in the flood? V-21,22,23


17. What survived through the flood? V-22






GENESIS Chapters eight and nine Questions

1.  Explain the phrase, God remembered Noah. V-1  

2.  What cause the water to subside over the earth? V-1  

3.  What did God close to stop the flood? V-2

4. When and where did the ark rest? V-4

5.  What did Noah send out to see the condition of the earth? What happen? Vs. 6-12   

6.   Who told Noah to leave the ark and what was he instructed to do? Vs 15-17

7. What was the first thing Noah did when he left the ark? V-20

8. Do you see God’s grace in verse 21 and 22? Explain. 

9. How did the relationship between man and animal change? 9:2  


10. What was man allowed to do and not allowed to do, reference animals? Vs. 3-4


11. What was man allowed to do, reference man? What was established?  Vs. 5-6


12. What covenant did God make with man and all the animals? Vs. 9-12


13.  What was the sign of this covenant? V-13  


14.  What should Christians think when they see a rainbow? Vs. 14-17


15.  What were the names of Noah’s three sons?  V-18


16.  Who was the first man to get drunk in the Bible? V-21


17. Who was the father of Canaan? Vs. 18; 22


18.  What did Ham do to his father, Noah? Vs. 22, 23


19. What was the curse did Noah put on Canaan? Vs. 25-27


20. How long did Noah live after the flood? V-28


21. What verse in these two chapters was most meaningful to you and why? 


GENESIS Chapters ten, eleven and twelve Questions

1.  Whose records of generations are included in chapter ten? V-1  

2.  Who was Nimrod’s father? V-8  

3.  What is said about Nimrod? Vs-9-12

4. What general geographical location is the Land of Canaan? V-19

5.  Who was Eber’s father? V- 24; 11:14   

6.  Who was Peleg’s father, what happen during Peleg’s lifetime?  V-25; 11:16

7. At one time in human history we all spoke the same language. True or false. 11:1

8. Compare Genesis 9:1 with 11:4. What do you see? 

9. What were the intentions of the tower builders? V.11:4  


10. What did the Lord do and say in verses 5-8?


11. Why was the Tower city called Babel?  V- 9


12. When was Arpachshad born? V-10


13.  Who was Abram’s father? Who was Sarai’s father? Vs. 26, 27; 20:12  


14.  What relationship was Lot to Abram? V-27


15.  Who did Nahor marry?  V-29


16.  Where did Terah take his family? Vs. 31, 32


17. What was God promise to Abram? V. 12:1-3


18.  How old was Abram when he departed from Haran? V-4


19. What was Abram destination? Vs. 5, 6;


20. Whose land did God give to Abram? Vs. 6, 7; Look back at 9:26. Explain.


21. What did Abram do when there was a famine in the land God gave him (Canaan)?  V-10


22. What scheme did Abram concoct as he neared Egypt? Vs. 11-13


23. How was Abram treated in Egypt?  What happen to Sarai? Vs. 14-16


24.  What happen to Pharaoh’s house?  V-17


25. What did Pharaoh do and say to Abram? Vs. 18-20


26. What verse in these three chapters is most meaningful to you in terms of application to your Christian walk?