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Until each of us has read the Bible and has come to an understanding of its content, we do not know God as fully as we ought: instead, we have only a self-serving image of who God is and what He is like.

New Life Bible Institute through its association with International Bible institute offers a 3 year Bible Institute Diploma Program where learning the Bible itself is the major purpose.

Courses Offered

Old Testament Studies:  The Pentateuch, The Early Israelite History, The Kingdom Period, The Post Exilic Period, Old Testament Literature, The Major Prophets, The Minor Prophets

New Testament Studies:  The Gospels, Acts and Epistles Section I, Epistles Section II, Epistles Section III Great Doctrines:  Great Doctrines Section I, Great Doctrines Section II

Individual Courses: The Life of Christ, Biblical Prophecy, Personal Evangelism, Church History, Sermon Preparation and Delivery, Galatians and Philippians, The Inter-Testament Years, The Holy Spirit

Annual Tuition Cost

Registration Fee:  $20 (one time only)

Course Fee:  $85 per course per semester

Graduation Fee: TBA

Courses offered at New Life Bible Institute are for spiritual growth and development.  Fees are kept at a minimum so that all who wish to participate in the courses can do so without putting a financial burden on themselves.

Classes are offered three (3) times annually (January, March, and August). Two classes are offered per session.

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