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We have long had a vision of establishing a biblically based school to meet the educational and moral needs of our children and provide an environment that is safe and provides a spiritual academic drallenmclauchlin_academypageatmosphere. Our dreams have led us to a program of learning based on high technology; biblical philosophy; individually prescribed, self-instructional curriculum; and an advanced system of motivated learning.  This educational program is designed to be cost efficient, to provide education at least equal, if not superior to, that of public education.

The traditional school setting is not meeting the needs of many of our youth. Statistics have shown that focusing more on the individual needs of the child increases their chances achieving academic success and of becoming positive successful members of our community. This can be accomplished by placing these children in a smaller school setting, such as New Life Christian Academy.

Here at New Life students receive among many other services, instruction from dedicated teachers, tutoring, counseling and intervention, techniques for both students and parents on how to improve and retain lessons learned.  

"New Life" graduates have gone on to become teachers, entrepreneurs, military personnel and other productive members of our society.  Many students have graduated with honors, some graduated early and several have continued on to obtain academic scholarships to assist with the growing costs of college! A "New Life" indeed! 

It is the goal of New Life Christian Academy to meet the academic, as well as, spiritual needs of our students and families. We're asking for your support in our efforts to see to it that the doors of the school are always open. The academy has given so many youth another chance at obtaining academic success. They have a chance to realize their ability to contribute to a community that needs them and to embrace a family that loves them.


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