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Module Style:
ID Module Name Position Published Order Access Pages Type
Published 1 Public All mod_breadcrumbs
Unpublished 1 Public All mod_banners
Published 2 Public All mod_footer
Published 0 Public All mod_s5_spotlight_news
Unpublished 0 Public All mod_hwdvs_featuredvideo
Published 2 Public All mod_custom
Published 4 Public All mod_custom
Unpublished 5 Public All mod_custom
Unpublished 6 Public All mod_newsflash
Unpublished 7 Public All mod_newsflash
Published 8 Public All mod_mainmenu
Unpublished 9 Public Varies mod_mainmenu
Unpublished 10 Public All mod_mainmenu
Published 11 Special All mod_mainmenu
Unpublished 12 Public Varies mod_mainmenu
Unpublished 13 Public All mod_stats
Unpublished 14 Public Varies mod_login
Unpublished 15 Public None mod_archive
Unpublished 16 Public None mod_sections
Unpublished 17 Public None mod_related_items